Workstation Popcorn



Boost Productivity with Workstation Popcorn

Staying in one location all day can lead to boredom and decreased focus. But changing up your workspaces regularly has been shown to increase productivity.

Entrepreneur Joel Runyon developed a tactic he calls “Workstation Popcorn” to structure his workday in a more engaging way. With this method, you break your to-do list into three chunks and designate a new location to complete each chunk.

For example, your morning tasks may be done at a local cafe. After finishing that list, you physically relocate to a co-working space for your afternoon tasks. Your evening work is done from home.

By limiting yourself to only the tasks for that specific location, Workstation Popcorn prevents multitasking and encourages focus. It also provides regular mental breaks to refresh your brain.

Many remote workers who have tried this approach report being more productive overall. They say Workstation Popcorn helps them avoid distractions and work fewer hours to complete their tasks.

Changing up your scenery throughout the day with a structured task list can take your productivity to the next level. Give Workstation Popcorn a try for a more engaging and focused work routine.