Why I use Arc Browser

I plan to write details in a blog post later

  • Vertical tabs view
  • Auto tab nap
  • Multiple profiles in same window
  • Pinned tabs can set URL, can navigate away and “Reset to pinned URL” later
  • “Little Arc” window, can choose which profile to open the window later
  • Tabs / Profiles are synced through multiple Macs
  • Split view
  • Group pinned tabs with folders
  • Rename Pinned tabs
  • Built-in mini player
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Switch to last accessed tab (⌘+‘)
    • Switch profiles
    • Pin / unpin tab
    • Show / hide sidebar
  • Dev Mode
  • Command bar instead of url bar
    • Be able to switch to any tabs with text search
  • etc.

Improvements I want to see:

  • CLI command to open url with specified profile (Arc does not have cli capability like Chrome yet)
  • Sync extensions across machines
  • Confusing when setting shortcuts with non-qwerty layouts