60 - Setup Linux VM on Digitalocean


Chose Ubuntu 22.10 with 2GB Ram & 2 AMD CPUs as it can be scaled up later, and upgrade to newer OS if needed


Here are what I planned to install to this machine

  • [x] Setup non-root user
    adduser narze
    usermod -aG sudo narze
    • Copy ssh key from root to user ref
    rsync --archive --chown=narze:narze ~/.ssh /home/narze
  • [ ] Docker, maybe Kubernetes cluster (k3s or k0s or microk8s or whatever people use in 2023)
    • [x] Chose microk8s since it’s from Canonical (Ubuntu)
      • See comparison
      • MicroK8s pronounced “Micro-Kates”
      sudo snap install microk8s --classic
      sudo usermod -a -G microk8s narze # add narze to microk8s user group
      newgrp microk8s # reload user group
      microk8s status --wait-ready # check status
      microk8s kubectl get all --all-namespaces # verify
      microk8s dashboard-proxy # dashboard
      microk8s start # or stop
  • [x] Tailscale so that I can connect to it without remembering the IP?
    • curl -fsSL https://tailscale.com/install.sh | sh
    • [ ] Setup ssh alias and add it to my dotfiles
  • [x] Setup my dotfiles
    • Generate & add id_ed25519.pub to Github
  • [ ] VSCode remote
  • [ ] Firewall
  • [ ] Github CLI https://github.com/cli/cli/blob/trunk/docs/install\_linux.md