58 - garden-astro - use hashtags


Previously I add support for tags in this format

- Astro
- Digital Garden
- 100DaysOfCode

However it is hard to search existing tags in Obsidian, I’ll change the format to use hashtags instead like this. Upon typing # in Obsidian will show tags autocomplete menu

- #Astro
- #Digital-Garden
- #100DaysOfCode

But in yaml # is a comment keyword so that it will be [null, null, null] in Astro. I have to strip all the # so that the tags can appear on the website. I tried parsing this frontmatter with js-yaml but also get null so I have to use RegEx to match and replace them. This is the resulting code.

import fs from "node:fs"
import { remark } from "remark"
import { visit } from "unist-util-visit"
import remarkFrontmatter from "remark-frontmatter"

export const stripHashFromTags = (filePath: string) => {
  const markdown = fs.readFileSync(filePath, "utf-8")

  const processor = remark()
    .use(() => (tree, file) => {
      visit(tree, "root", (node) => {
        visit(node, "yaml", (yamlNode) => {
          const frontmatter = yamlNode.value.replace(
            (match) => {
              return match.replace(/#.+/g, (tag) => tag.slice(1))

          yamlNode.value = frontmatter

  const result = processor.processSync(markdown)

  fs.writeFileSync(filePath, String(result), {
    encoding: "utf-8",

It will now display on Astro site since # is removed.

Disallow whitespaces in tags

Since we’re using hashtags as tags in Obsidian, we should not have spaces in the tags like #Digital Garden should not be allowed.

Add zod schema with refine to scan for whitespaces within tags array.

const secondBrain = defineCollection({
  schema: z.object({

    tags: z
            (tag) => !/\s/.test(tag), // returns false when tag has spaces
            (tag) => ({
              message: `Tag "${tag}" cannot include whitespaces`,

Astro site will now raise errors if any tags are including spaces.