55 - garden-astro - Move website & add RSS feed


Moving websites

Switch https://garden.narze.live too use garden-astro instead, here is the image of the old site which uses Quartz The old website is moved to garden-quartz.narze.live

Add webring logo to the site following these instructions

<a href="https://webring.wonderful.software#garden.narze.live" title="วงแหวนเว็บ" style="width: 32px; display: block; margin: 0 auto;">

Add RSS feed

The RSS feed can be easily added using @astrojs/rss https://docs.astro.build/en/guides/rss/#setting-up-astrojsrss

// feed.xml.ts

import rss from "@astrojs/rss"
import { getCollection } from "astro:content"
import { SITE_TITLE, SITE_DESCRIPTION } from "../consts"

export async function get(context) {
  const entries = (await getCollection("second-brain")).sort(
    (a, b) => b.data.date.valueOf() - a.data.date.valueOf()

  const items = entries.map((post) => ({
    title: post.data.title,
    pubDate: post.data.date,
    // description: post.data.description,
    // customData: post.data.customData,
    link: `/${post.slug}`,

  return rss({
    title: SITE_TITLE,
    description: SITE_DESCRIPTION,
    site: context.site,

The feed is available at https://garden.narze.live/feed.xml and https://garden.narze.live/index.xml (In case I forgot the URL)